Who wouldn’t want to look like a Kardashian? Joyce Bonelli is the force behind the family’s stunning makeup looks. Her bold beauty and impressionable style has left its impact on the industry, and practically started the Instagram makeup trend. Luckily for the not-so-famous of us, Joyce Bonelli is ready to share her makeup secrets in the form of her brand new makeup line!

Bonelli spilled about her products during an interview with The Cut.

Joyce Bonelli Cosmetiques will focus on creating fresh, sexy, yet natural faces through a small variety of perfected products. “Quality over quantity” is the name of the game here. Joyce aims to provide makeup that enhances natural facial features, instead of disguising them. A highly anticipated product that she will introduce in her line is a brow-gel, a long-lasting, invisible, and effortless game changer. And the best part is, the gel won’t look like makeup—that’s the beauty of it (no pun intended)!

As Joyce retires from the dramatic look, she describes her shift away from the “Instagram face.” The Instagram face, known to be time-consuming and makeup intensive, has left Bonelli feeling uninterested and bored. The artist is now drawn to accentuating natural beauty and seeing perfection in that alone. Since she is notorious for shifting the culture of makeup and beauty, the Brand-Agency has reason to believe she will begin a new wave. This new natural beauty trend will gain momentum, and soon women across the world will pack away their outrageous shadows and lip colors.

Joyce Bonelli’s line is expected to drop late August. We’re ready, are you?