Do the names: Samuel Adams, Dwight Eisenhower, Abraham Lincoln, and Edward Bernays ring a bell? Well, those names among many others pioneered the field of what we know today as Public Relations. These founding fathers of PR set the foundation for our media-loving culture and our need to stay up to date with our favorite campaigns, products, and personalities! For thou shall not ditch the PR history books… us media moguls can learn a lot from those PR professionals who came before us!

Now, although, Samuel Adams was the voice behind the Revolutionary War and the brain behind a 20 year run of an American independence propaganda campaign … and Dwight Eisenhower established an agency to “tell America’s story abroad”… and Abraham Lincoln strategically and openly communicated messages to the American public… and Edward Bernays (who is known as the “father of PR”) consulted high profile clients such as American presidents, General Electric, Dodge Motors, and the American Tobacco Company… without these monumental moments in PR history, our creative ability to communicate to the masses might not be what it is today.

Our PR founding fathers opened up the door for two-way communication, listening to the public and responding to their wants and needs. This concept is very evident in today’s world- for instance, when we demand that Kylie Jenner shows us her everyday makeup look and *ding* (KJ app notification) the step by step look is uploaded to her app. Or when the summer hits and we look to our favorite stores who know we are in dire need of that tropical two-piece set displayed in all of the fashion campaigns in the June issue of Vogue. We look to the trend setters and the opinion leaders to persuade us on current trends while we allow our voices to be heard by the masses to fine-tune our wants and needs.

So to the founding fathers of public relations- us creative storytellers, media moguls, and trend identifiers salute you!!