You know what they say, behind every strong business person is an even stronger public relations practitioner! Maybe the saying doesn’t go exactly like that, but I can assume you get the point.

In 1945, John D. Rockefeller (who is known as the richest man in modern history) hired Ivy Lee to be his publicist, this was one of the first times a multi-million dollar company realized the need for a company representative- a person to publicly highlight the perks of such a business. Nowadays publicists come in all sizes, whether it be a corporate firm, a boutique agency (like us here at The Brand Agency), or even a freelance individual.

Throughout PR history, publicists have been the power behind the name- whether that be a person or a company. For instance, ever heard of Nicole Perna? Nicole may not be on the big screen herself however, she has shaped the way we view some of our favorite stars such as, Jessica Chastain, Chloe Moretz, Sharon Osbourne, Lucy Hale… the list goes on and on. These stars happen to be her clients. In PR, perception is reality! Hence why Nicole Perna has created a perception of these stars that we see as reality! Another huge name in PR… Jill Fritzo! Ring a bell? Well, Jill represents the entire Kardashian clan! Talk about a power behind a brand!!

For as long as there has been powerhouse business’ there have been powerhouse people managing their public’s relations!