Wrap your head around this: public relations companies need positive public relations in order to be a successful public relations company. This is something we, here at The Brand Agency, like to call: Public Relations inception.

All companies need to promote themselves in a positive light in order to achieve a positive perception of their company to their specific publics. Public relations companies need to do this as well! This is where Corporate Social Responsibility comes in, also known as CSR.

CSR came about in the 1990’s when companies realized the need to protect, nurture, and enhance their reputations. As we have talked about before, perception is reality and instilling a positive perception is key to a corporation’s success.

Almost every single company has a CSR mission- one of the largest PR firms in the nation, Edelman, makes it a key mission to publically display what the “Edelman life” looks like both within the company and on a local and global scale.

“Edelman’s independence is not just a word. It’s a state of being that enables us to put our clients and our people at the center of all we do.”

Edelman’s website has an entire section devoted to highlighting their “company culture” and what they are doing to better the world with one Edelman employee at a time. Not only is this a plus for the employees but also it adds to the value for their publics. People like to support moral companies- it builds trust within their audiences.

Now, not only is having your CSR publically displayed a plus for the employees but also it adds to the value for their publics. People like to support moral companies who are doing good on both small and large levels- it builds trust within their audiences and ultimately boosts the overall environment of the company.


All in all, corporate social responsibility is a PR tactic used by all types of companies- though it is the PR companies that can really add value to their organization by being their own publicist and by putting their own firm on the map with a positive CSR mission.