People or Impressions?

In PR, one thing holds true: regardless of the switch from real people’s opinions to online media impressions, public relations can not be done without real people acting on their real thoughts, values, opinions, and attitudes.

To obtain positive public relations is to engage in public interest. Ideally, when dealing with public relations, publicists wish to gain as much publicity or “recognition” as possible through PR campaigns, events, so on and so forth… In today’s world, most new-age industries obtain a large following through the internet, also known as, media impressions. Media impressions are how many clicks or “views” an item gets online or on television. However, as you could imagine, in 2017, this isn’t always the most organic way to identify publics with the rise of “bots” and fake accounts.

So how do the PR professionals do it to maintain an organic and natural relationship with their publics? The answer is simple: by identifying their publics! Publicists fine tune their audience with every new campaign devoted to each specific client. For example: if our client: NYX Cosmetics is opening a new store in LA and they need press to attend the event, we (here at The Brand Agency) will begin our search for beauty focused individuals who would be interested in attending and talking about our event. The internet does help aid us by finding specific people based off of search engines and hashtags- yet the invite is open, honest, and organic. Those invitees acknowledge the authenticity, it then becomes a win-win situation.

Public Relations will always and forever rely on real people with real thoughts and opinions regardless of the shift in new technology. That is what gives PR its charm! Some might call it traditional or old fashioned… we call it authenticity.