Numbers tell a story, and that story in the United States is changing.


The U.S. Hispanic population jumped by more than 40 percent in the past decade.

Over 60% of corporate profits in the country are now generated through multicultural business.

More than quarter of US citizens are at least bilingual.


And these numbers are only expected to grow.

That’s where we come in.

Communication is globalizing, and The Brand Agency is ready.

Our team is backed by a squad of creative thinkers, native speakers, innovators, and multilinguals. Our public relations expertise and international experience allow us to cross nations and culture with our campaigns.

No matter the linguistic or societal context, we are ready to make our client’s brands shine. The Brand Agency is primed to take on any challenge and exceed expectations.

Meet The Brand Agency’s Multicultural Division.

Our multicultural team is equipped with the vital insight that allows us to navigate clients through both general market and multicultural media. The division works with Grammy-winners, professional athletes, and influencer personalities from many cultures and backgrounds, all at the top of their fields.

No matter where your brand story takes us, our team is ready to lead the way.