Diesel VIP Dressing

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Diesel VIP Dressing

Our challenge was to Increase brand recognition and reintroduce Diesel as the “go to” denim brand among Hollywood’s A-List celebrities. We focused on dressing, seeding product, and event invites for Diesel and Diesel Black Gold with women, men and celebrity kids.

Our strategy was to develop a key influencer and press initiative plan to motivate consumers to look to Diesel as the denim brand worn by Hollywood’s elite. We implemented a strategy to rebuild the relationship between celebrities and Diesel to influence and educate the consumer. The Brand Agency reached out to various A-list influencers with opportunities for gifting, store shopping sprees and event dressing.

Our tactics were to implement an Influencer Program that reached out to key A-list celebrities and stylists to build brand recognition among key influencers. Through this program, we were able to set up at the West Hollywood store with celebrities such as Emma Roberts. Another tactic was to target lifestyle and entertainment press to promote celebrities wearing items from the brand, both new and past collections.

As a result of the Influencer Program, we secured celebrity sightings in Diesel clothing with A-List celebrities including Emma Roberts, Zac Efron, Gwen Stefani, Minka Kelly (and more) for media and in-house use. The images and mentions were then used in media outreach efforts garnering placement in top entertainment, fashion and lifestyle press including Us Weekly, Life & Style, Star, InStyle, People.com and many others. Due to our relationships with celebrity stylists, talent wore Diesel and Diesel Black Gold to red carpet events and film premieres with talent such as Josh Hutcherson, Joe Jonas, Robert Pattinson, Gwen Stefani, and Keri Hilson. This program resulted in sharp increase in web traffic, media impressions and increased sales.